Braap Motowerx TRX450 Poly Sprocket Guard

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Our poly sprocket guards are extremely tough, durable, and strong. Sticking to our BRAAP philosophy, we hand-selected a material that would perform far better than the economical choices such as ABS plastic.


  • Fits all Honda TRX450 models
  • Recommended for sprockets ranging from 36 - 39 teeth, not to exceed 39 teeth
  • Maximum ground clearance design
  • 1/2 inch thick
  • Lighter than an aluminum equivalent
  • Won't bend or crack during impact like aluminum
  • Single sprocket guard allows cleanout preventing debris build-up which can damage or throw a chain 
  • Inserts included to prevent crushing for proper torque of bolts
  • Includes all mounting hardware 


Proudly produced in the USA 

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