KTM Swingarm Gusset / Repair Service

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OEM KTM ATV swingarms, in particular 08 swingarms, have a design flaw that causes them to crack on the inner sidewalls around the cross brace. The OEM swingarm is only welded and braced on the inside with a single tube. As stress is introduced to the swingarm, it eventually cracks by the weld. The only permanent solution is to gusset it as we do or buy a full aftermarket swingarm which are very expensive and hard to find.

Our service includes:
1. Blasting the entire swingarm to remove powder coat
2. Fixturing and jigging up the swingarm to hold position 
3. Cutting out the OEM cross brace completely 
4. Drilling through the outside rail 
5. Adding an 1/8" plate brace on the inner wall that extends to the swingarm bearing tubes
6. Welding in a heavy wall tube through the entire swingarm (both inside and outside welds)
7. Adding 3 tube gussets on each side of the inner wall / tube connection 
8. Cleaning up the new welds 
9. Powder coating to any color of customers choice 

We use only TIG welds with this service , no MIG welding. 

This service requires you to ship us your swingarm or drop it off to us at our location or a race event. Shipping for swingarms generally ranges from about $20 - $40 depending on location and shipping service. At checkout we will charge for return shipping after the service is complete. 

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