Powder Coating

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality powder coating available, we use Prismatic Powders on all of our jobs unless requested otherwise. With Prismatic, we are able to offer over 6,500 colors. To browse our available colors click on the buttons below. 

Powder Coating Price List

Prices shown below are for single stage colors (Black, Red, White, etc.). Two and Three stage colors have a slight price increase due to the extra powder and processing times. We do have a $100 minimum on all powder jobs. At times we can batch small parts with other customer orders to avoid the minimum, but generally speaking the minimum order rule always applies. 

Please note, the items listed are just common items we powder coat often. We can powder coat anything made of metal. If an item is not on this list, we can still certainly powder it, but you will need to contact us for a quote or just bring the item by our shop. 

*Prices listed include sand blasting, prep, and powder. We plug / tape off all threads and tight tolerance surfaces. 

Our oven size is 8'x8'x12'.*

Sport ATV Parts (Based off a 450 quad. Youth quads often cost less):

Frame - $275 to $300 (Banshee frames $375)

Subframe - $100

A-Arms - $120

Swingarm - $100

Steering Stem  - $60

Nerf Bars - $140

Bumper -$40

Grab Bar- $30

Handlebars - $30

Wheels - $50 ea.

Spindles - $40 ea.

Hubs - $30 ea. 

Tie Rods - $20 ea. 

Small items such as motor mounts, steering flags, brackets, etc. range from 

$3 - $15 ea. 

Dirt Bike:

Frame - $200 to $250


15" and 16" wheels - $90 ea.

17" wheels - $100 ea.

18" wheels - $110 ea.

19" wheels - $120 ea.

20" wheels - $130 ea.

22" wheels - $140 ea.

24" wheels - $175 ea.


Powder Coating is priced with sand blasting included in the price. For just sandblasting, we charge $125/hour.  

Parts must come with all bearings, bushings, and seals removed. If we have to do any of this there will be a $50 fee. 

Welding and Fabrication

We handle a wide range of welding and fabrication needs ranging from basic weld repairs to one-off custom fabrication projects. We have a CNC plasma table in house for cutting out metal signs and shapes. We also have tube bending equipment, press breaks, etc. to handle most fabrication projects.

For custom projects requiring fabrication, please contact us for a quote.

Engineering and Design

We have in-house capabilities for producing CAD models and blueprints. We can design one-off signs and cutouts in CAD to be cutout on our CNC Plasma Table. 

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